Seven Words For Love

Seven Words for Love

A Devised Project

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Seven Words for Love was a successful collaborative devised play about Love. It was staged at the Corpus Playroom from Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th May 2015.  Here are some of the reviews of the production:

“There are instances of skilled dramatic craftsmanship, as the play structures itself beautifully around the character of John, homeless, isolated, and unloved, an ingenious core for the events to circle around, and played with incredible rawness by Jonathan Totman.” Varsity- Sarah-Jane Tollan

“The weaving together of agape, storge, philautia and eros amongst other aspects of love is often startling and poignant” Cambridge Theatre Review- Elizabeth Crowdy

Below is the blurb for the play:


Love is undeniably the most potent force known to humanity. The Ancient Greeks had many different words to describe its plentiful forms. Through seven of the most powerful words this compelling new play explores contemporary interconnected stories set in Cambridge.


Heart-warming moments demonstrate how love can keep a couple together despite age and sickness, or bind a family together unconditionally. Meanwhile, burning passion and love-sick intensity threatens to tear lovers apart and bring their lives to ruin.  In moving scenes one woman finds out if the mindfulness she teaches can actually help her through a silent crisis. This riveting play reminds us of the importance of having empathy for humanity and how we are unified through our shared experience as human beings.


The words that inspired the play were:


Agape – The Love of Humanity

Storge – Family Love

Pragma- Love that Endures

Philautia – Self-Respect

Philia – Shared Experience

Ludus – Flirting, Playful Affection

Eros- Romantic and Erotic Love


Meet the Writers


The play was written by a team of writers, who wrote one act each and brought their unique perspective and writing style to each of our words for love. They were:


   From left to right; Ian OslerDavid LambertRachel MarinerThomas Dedola,

Kim KomljanecHamish WilsonColin Hume.


Meet the Cast


The play had a cast of eleven actors. You can read all about them below:


Final Cast

   From left to right; Sochel Rogers, Sam GowansJonathan Totman,

Kim Komljanec, Richard McNally (Director), Emily Calderbank, Andrew Shepherd, Michael Southgate,

Jodie Sully, Heidi Bowes, Tom Ellis, Colin Simpson.


The Book of the Play


Book of Play


The book of the play was self-published in 2015 and is available to purchase. Please email if you’d like to purchase a copy. The book costs a bargain £4 + £1.20 p&p, and includes a colour cover, foreword, notes on the authors and appendix.